Colour Trends for Autumn and Winter 2009-2010 Part 2

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We continue our theme of colour trends for the autumn and winter of 2009/2010 with part 2 of the article we posted recently. Autumn marks the transition of the seasons and always results in a major change in the colours that are used by the fashionable designers to reflect the shortened days, darker nights and more moody tones.

1. Red – bold, flirty, and sexy comes to your mind when you think of red. Mainly chosen by extroverts this colour needs that confidence and pride to carry an outfit in red. Favourites in designers, the outfits this season range from scarlet red to rich crimson. Red is currently in vogue with brides. The colour is irresistible and symbolizes passion.
a. Designers who used Red – Ashley Isham, Luca Orlandi known for his sexy and alluring designs in Luca Luca designer label.

2. Burgundy – a rich wine flavor of red. Mostly selected by older age group this colour is classy and richer than red. If you want people to notice you then Burgundy is the colour. A very alluring colour which can make a great evening gown.
a. Designers who used burgundy – Zuhair Murad, Salvatore Ferragamo.

3. Orange – colour of fall. Designers experimented with light hues to bright orange shades. A very warm and interesting choice and ideal for day wear.
a. Designers who used Orange – Oscar De La Renta, Missoni designer label.

4. Pink – the most feminine colour of all. You can ask any girl about her favorite colour and chances are that most of the times she will say “Pink”. Be it fuchsia pink or baby pink, deep pink or light tints pink is the colour that brings out the softness and innocence in a person. Basically for the younger generation but if carried well can be worn by older generation too.
a. Designers who used Pink – Ports 1961 designer label, Tommy Hilfiger.

5. Blue – a very calm and cool colour. Blue is normally associated with tranquility. Blue as in sky blue, Electric Blue, dark blue, royal blue, turquoise, or ultramarine, all shades look good on anyone. Used by designers in most of their collections, is an all time favorite as it is very versatile and easy to manage colour.
a. Designers who used Blue – Gucci, Bluemarine, Emporio Armani by Giorgio Armani, Anna Sui.

6. Green – colour of life. In the days of global warming green is a colour that is soothing to the eyes. A colour of emerald or the colour of grass all were used by the designers. A royal colour that brings envy to the eyes of others is a perfect choice for an evening wear. In daywear you can select the lighter shades of green. For a timeless feel add delicate gold embroidery or in red.
a. Designers who used Green – Jaeger, the luxury British brand, Zuhair Murad.

You will find these colours used aptly in the designer’s collection. Pick the right colour for the right occasion and the right cuts to suit your body shape. So now you know the palette for this season go indulge yourself with some of your favourite colour outfits, fully informed about how they fit in with the current trends.

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